Our People

Our team has several decades of combined experience in social networking architecture, design, and support. We're all passionate about social networking, online community, and creating things that people want to use.

Dreamwidth Studios, LLC's Owners

Denise Paolucci (the Suit) began working on the LiveJournal.com project in 2001. Since then, she's done everything from customer service to product planning to documentation to user advocacy to QA testing to falling over exhausted because she's trying to do too much at once. She left LiveJournal in 2007 to pursue a career in writing. She hopes that with Dreamwidth Studios, she'll be able to use her experience to create a place where creative people of all types will find a home for their expression where they feel safe, welcomed, and supported.

Denise lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her long-suffering wife, who fortunately enjoys the frequent "c'mere, look, isn't this cool?" invocations, and three cats, who don't care about the internet as long as they get fed on time.

Official journals: denise and dw_biz

Mark Smith (the Geek) began volunteering with LiveJournal.com in 2001 in technical support and code development. He joined the staff in 2004, where he contributed heavily to all areas of the site and worked on utilities such as Perlbal and MogileFS that are now used by many other web sites. After transitioning to Six Apart, Mark worked to design and build out the systems infrastructure for the Vox.com product launch.

Since those days, Mark has been a MySQL DBA, managed an operations team, and maintained a cadre of open source projects of his own while working for companies such as Google, Mozilla, and Bump.

He currently resides near San Francisco, CA with his partner, Ari, and their two small sons. In his free time, he enjoys motorcycles, tabletop and LARP gaming, and amateur radio (license KC8BCW).

Official journals: mark and dw_dev

Dreamwidth Studios, LLC's Employees

Alierak is Dreamwidth's backup sysadmin on call, helping Mark wrangle servers and keeping an eye out for problems. He has approximately two decades of experience with Unix systems and open source, resulting in ninja-like reflexes for troubleshooting and bug hunting. He became disillusioned familiar with the LiveJournal codebase in 2006 when Brad announced a cross-site scripting contest offering permanent accounts for reporting security bugs (Alierak won three and maintains a healthy mistrust of our HTML cleaner).

He is also a sysadmin at a major university, husband and father of two, and enjoys building or fixing things, cooking, and playing with math. He can often be found singing or playing various instruments in church.

Official journal: alierak

Jennifer Griffin does Terms of Service enforcement because Mark asked her to, and submits tons of Bugzilla patches because it's fun. An MIT graduate, she has been on the internet since before the invention of this newfangled "World Wide Web" thing. She runs the MU* where Mark & Janine met, which lets her claim indirect partial responsibility for the existence of Dreamwidth. You're welcome.

Jen is passionate about computers, communities, crafts, all varieties of music, speculative fiction, space exploration... basically the whole damn universe. She grew up and currently lives in the reddest of the red states, but also spent 12 years residing in the bluest of the blue states, so she is used to navigating ideological extremes. After spending several years working as top-tier IT support in a non-profit organization, she changed gears and is now a full-time mom to two precious, precocious children.

Official journal: dw_tos

Community Project Leaders

People who are currently working on major projects for Dreamwidth!

Azurelunatic came into the LiveJournal volunteer IRC channel during one of the early data center "power events" to find out what was going on. Denise obtained another minion shortly thereafter. Azz specializes in thoughtful analysis of any social media system she immerses herself in, and enjoys finding the root needs underlying any request for more bells and whistles, and thinking up a way to fulfil that need that fits in with the site's gestalt and actually could be implemented. She was in IRC not looking busy enough when Denise and Mark needed a team leader for spam, and now enjoys squashing spammers.

By day, Azz is a mild-mannered minion in the cloudy part of Silicon Valley (and lives in the foggy part of the Bay Area). She dreamed of becoming a Communications Officer like Lt. Uhura when she was a child; now she spends most of her commute using a suspiciously similar headset. Her hobbies include talking to Kat, crocheting, IRC, and having bizarre, one-sided conversations with the characters in her current draft novel.

Official journal: dw_antispam

Deborah co-leads the accessibility team. She spends her time writing accessibility improvements for the Dreamwidth code, as well as educating the other developers and designers about accessibility. In her other life she works in library technology, where she's gained a reputation as That Person Who Will Glare at You If Your Library Software Isn't Accessible.

Official journal: dw_accessibility

Sarah serves as Dreamwidth's executive assistant, which involves much filing of paperwork and weekly trips to the credit union. Yes, she will get you coffee, but only if she's already getting some for herself. And if you drink it full-octane. And if she can find a second clean mug.

Sarah's superpowers include paying the bills on time, keeping the taxman from battering down the door, and keeping the pantry she shares with Denise well-stocked with Diet Coke with Lime.